Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, lately I have just felt utterly STRESSED OUT! Since I feel stressed, I then feel tired, which means I am not getting everything done that I need to which then leads to ... more stress! Why is it that, as moms or women, we seem to think we must do it all. I have multiple things that have been leading to my stress. Some of them I have brought upon myself (certain standards of cleanliness in the house, feeling like the only one who can do certain things with the kids) and others are the bottled up kind of things. Those things that you don't want to worry other people with, so you keep it inside. I keep telling myself I just need to let it out, alas, I just can't. The worst part of it is I find myself being more short with Wildman and Sweetpea, which isn't fair to them.

Today I finally started to take a stand. I started by not worrying about upsetting some people and I extended our outing this morning. I took Wildman and Sweetpea to the park to let Wildman play. Then, this afternoon, I put my foot down and started enforcing some rules in the house that weren't being enforced (my stepdaughter is here). I just need to keep making the baby steps. I don't want to worry my husband with some of these things because he is already super stressed at work. I am also not a huge fan of confrontation, so that makes things a more stressful when it comes to parenting my stepdaughter.

I am sure all of you have some stresses. What are some things that you do to relieve that stress? Is there anything you feel the need to vent about? Vent on moms, dads, anyone!


  1. keeping the house a certain level of clean is a killer for me as well! also we live in a very small studio and literally have one window in the whole place so i feel like i have to take my son out somewhere everyday! and everyday it's like okay go out with son or cook and clean? and it's a very big stress! he is so active that he goes bananas in the apt. no back yard, no nothing over here. just a small court yard but everyone that lives here are young single people and they all smoke ciggs and have no respect. this is all we can afford right now. big big big stresser!

  2. I understand that! We have some horrible neighbors, so, even though we have a great backyard, we can't enjoy it. Plus, my husband works nights, so I have to make sure that whatever we do, we are home by 3:30, at the latest, so I can get dinner started and we can spend time with daddy.


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