Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Sorry for the delay in writing.  After the visit to the specialist, we were given somethings to do.  So, between that and trying to get myself and the kids back on a schedule (along with Halloween coming up), things have been hectic.  Unfortunately, since my last post, we have had to take Wildman to the ER for an anomaly involving lots of swelling and blood.  Needless to say, we were horrified by our treatment at the ER and I have been dealing with phone calls to the hospital since then.  After the pediatric specialist found out about Wildman's latest issues, he decided to have him try the medicine that he was hoping to hold off on and have Wildman come in for a cystoscopy.  We have that scheduled for next Friday.  The procedure is suppose to take 30-45 minutes, as long as all goes well, and Wildman will be under general anesthesia.  The doctor is concerned that there is no improvement and many steps back.  He is afraid he missed something and that there is something going on that wasn't seen on the VCUG and ultrasound. 

This puts me in a predicament.  Following my instincts, I didn't think that the first diagnosis was correct.  It seemed too easy.  It would have been wonderful if bladder spasms was all it was, but deep down I felt there was more.  Now my baby is going under anesthesia and I am torn between wanting them to find something and wanting the procedure to show nothing.  If they don't find anything, then what?  If they find something, then there can be a fix.  I will feel like I have been on the right track.  Then again, if they find something, it could mean there could be a longer road ahead.  The doctor suggested the possibility of a small flap of skin or maybe a stone that had broken up.  The nurse mentioned some sort of pocket.  Being a mother, my mind has lately ventured to some sort of lump.  I hate thinking like that.  I want to think everything is roses, but, it's hard to explain. 

So, anyway, I do promise to get the review up.  Now that I am done with Sweet Pea's costume, I just have curtains to make, decorating her room, planning for her first birthday, working on vacation and baby scrapbooks and, oh yeah, getting Christmas things together!  I really need to make a schedule and some lists!  ;-)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

WIldman's Specialist Visit

Well, last week Wildman had his visit with the pediatric urologist.  The morning started off with some ultrasounds and a VCUG.  I am glad that we chose to do this at a pediatric hospital.  I can't imagine having him do the VCUG with someone who is use to working with adults.  Immediately after the tests we went up and spoke with the doctor. 

I must first say that I am always a little bothered when a doctor walks in and says he knows what is going on without having spoken with me and basing his decision just on the films.  He was also a fast talker, which always gets my defenses up because I just get this feeling that someone is trying to pull one over on me.  Anyway, he did a quick exam of Wildman.  I had also written down the specific dates of all previous appointments and the reason for the appointment and what was done, along with any major issues Wildman had along the way. 

The doctor said that, structurally, Wildman is fine.  He thinks that Wildman is having bladder spasms.  He said that he is unconsciously holding his urine, probably due to the spasms being false alarms.  He also said he appeared constipated (which is news to me since there seems to be no issues with how that area functions ;-).  What we got out of the visit is that we are suppose to do timed visits to the bathroom, every 2-3 hrs.  We are suppose to increase his fiber intake and avoid a whole laundry list of things.  The things we are suppose to avoid are things that could lead to constipation.  We go back in January to have more films taken and to see how Wildman is doing.  If he still has any blood or is painful, then we may try a medication to help with the spasms.  The medication can't be started until there are no signs of constipation, since a side effect to the medication can be constipation. 

The doctor said that the blood could be due to some vessels in the urethra that are bursting.  He said they use to do a scope and cauterize the vessels, but that could lead to a stricture.  Now they try and let it heal. 

I am glad that Wildman doesn't need any surgery, but I still feel like the answer doesn't make sense to me.  It seems to simple and, since it tends to be common, something one of the other doctors would have diagnosed.  From a medical standpoint, I would also think, if the blood is coming from closer to the bladder, Wildman's urine would look like it had blood in it, instead of the drips that come afterwards. 

On a high point, Wildman has only had 1-2 incidents of blood since the appointment and has only woken up very painful once.  Hopefully following the diet and timed visits to the potty will help. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Restocking Day!

Hello again!  Sorry for not being on in a while.  Between the end of vacation and Wildman's issues (which I will write about later), things have been pretty hectic.  We have actually been living out of our pantry, for the most part, since we got back from vacation.  So today, it was time to restock.  I went ahead and made out a menu for the rest of the month and then we went shopping.  Not everything was as good a deal as it could have been, but it was still pretty exhilarating getting some really good deals and feeling like we have a stocked pantry.  Now I only have to worry about perishables and really good deals for the next few weeks.
Snickers bar and the teas are not pictured.

In order to prevent us from having to go to five stores today, we went to CVS last night after our walk in the park.  We got our Halloween candy for $5 each - $1.50/3 cpn and earned 3 EB.  We took advantage of the cpn for the free Dr. Pepper 10, along with $0.55 off Pepsi Max and $1/2 Sierra Mist Naturals.  I used another $1/1 cpn for the Finish tabs and a $0.25 cpn (from the machine) off of a Snickers bar (they were buy 2 get 1 free, so of course I had to purchase 2 M&Ms).  We got our milk pretty cheap (I forgot to use my $1/1 cpn, maybe next time) and they had the Lipton green teas for 5/$5 - $1/5 cpn, along with 1 EB earned.  In total, we got $51.73 worth of product for $22.03, a 57.4% savings.  We also have 4 EB to use next time.

Today we started out at Walgreens.  We took advantage of the Cottonelle ultra deal.  We bought 3 packages at $5 ea - $3 Walgreens cpn - $0.50 mfg cpn = $11.50, or $0.32 per roll and we earned 4 RR.  We purchased 2 packages of Halls cough drops at $1 - $1/2 cpn and we earned another 1 RR.  We then used a $3 cpn for the Bengay.  In total, we got $32.77 worth of product for $15.48, a 52.8% savings and we have 5 RR for next time.

Next was a quick trip to Target.  I mainly went for the sale on chicken, I just wish that Target had released one of their cpns for the chicken also.  I did find some decent clearance deals.  The chicken was $4.99 ea.  I then found some Quaker granola bars marked down to $1.86 ea, and I just happened to have 2 $1/2 cpns with me.  I also found Sobe water for $0.71 ea and I had a $1/5 cpn.  The receipt doesn't show what the granola bars are normally priced at, but I think it is normally $2.50 a box.  So, we got $29.08 worth of product for $17.92, a 38% savings.  (The picture of my Target purchases is not showing up).

Our third stop was Cub Foods.  It has been awhile since I had been there, but I had found a cpn for $5 off $25, along with some great deals that I could match up the store cpns with mfg cpns.  There is too much to list, but some of the highlights:  General Mills cereal 2/$5 and $5 off when you buy 10, I used 3 different $1 cpns; Cheetos and Fritos were $1.79 ea with store cpn - $1/2 cpn; Country Crock sides were 2/$6 plus BOGO store cpn and $1/1 mfg cpn; frozen chicken was $3.49 for 2.5lbs; apples were $1.88 for 3 lbs; salad mix was $0.88; Sargento cheese was $1.88 ea.  We got $97.22 worth of product for $42.41, a 56% savings.

Our last stop was Krogers.  Now, I have to admit, I paid more for a few things because I knew the kids were done and there was no way we were going to make it to Aldi's.  I literally stood in front of a few items and had this internal struggle about paying for them, but I figured the well-being of my children (and my own sanity) trumped a better deal.  I also found that they now make Chicken bacon!  This is super exciting to me.  I don't eat red meat, and I am getting a little tired of turkey.  I would probably more more away from meat, but I think my husband would starve ;-)  Plus, the chicken bacon had a coupon attached, BONUS!  Some of the highlights:  Pepsi and Mt. Dew 24 pks $5.99 ea - $2/2 cpn; Silk $2.79 - $1/1 cpn; Sunchips $2.99 ea - $1/2 cpn; frozen veggies $0.99 ea - $0.50/3 cpn; Sweet Tea $2.69 - $1/1 cpn.  Another great buy was the Eggland cage free organic eggs.  They were only $1.79 ea!  That was cheaper than the store brand.  Plus, I had a $0.55/2 cpn.  We got $91.84 worth of product for $66.12 (ouch!), a 28% savings.

So, over a two day period, we got $302.64 worth of product for $163.96, a 46% savings.  Not horrible, I just have to remind myself that I purchased enough to last us over a month (I like putting it in a better perspective).

Any deals you have found that you just couldn't pass up?

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Pretty Good Day

Wildman swinging Sweet Pea.  This was a picture from last week.
While today started off chilly, it turned out to be a GORGEOUS day!  We started out by going to the park.  It is definitely a different feeling trying to help Sweet Pea walk around.  I have gotten so use to carrying her everywhere.  We even lucked out and a friend that Wildman had been hoping to see just happened to show up at the park.  Wildman loves the tire swing and the teeter totter.  Do you remember what your favorite playground equipment was?  Sweet Pea loves to swing.

Afterwards we got some awesome deals at Target.  We got $72.11 worth of product for $27.03, a 62.5% savings.  The make up was free.  The two shirts were only $.74 ea, with coupon.  One of the transformers toys was free, one was under $5 and the other one was under $15 (originally priced at $26).  The great thing is the rebate I will get worth $20, which includes a Transformers T-shirt, toy and a $5 cpn for another Transformers character.  Wildman is going to love these great finds for Christmas.  The best part was that I put the toys in one of the bags I had brought so Wildman wouldn't see them while we were shopping.  When I got up to the check out lane, I told the guy that I was trying not to let Wildman see the toys.  Wildman stayed busy with all the items they display at the checkout and the cashier didn't even take the items out of the bag.  He was awesome and just scanned everything in the bag.  I will definitely have to find him next time I shop.  He asked if I was one of those extreme couponers.  I told him that I like to find a good deal, but who needs so much of any one thing.  The book in the picture was a free book we received from vitamins that we had purchased for Wildman.

After we got home, we found out that Wildman's name had been drawn in the "cavity free" drawing at his dentist's office.  He won the game Uno Moo.  That is a fun game!  It is super easy and quick.  To top off the evening, the kids loved dinner (tortellini, which is my favorite pasta) and after bath time, Sweet Pea actually pooped in the potty!  Wildman and myself made a big deal about it and showed her how to flush.

Now both kiddos are in bed (Wildman in a sleeping bag next to his bed because he "loves sleeping on the floor) and we are one day closer to seeing the doctor.

It really was a good day!