Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Very Crafty Weekend (and the starts of a business)

So, my parents came out for the weekend and my mom and I went a little craft crazy.  We are planning on starting our own business and have been trying to build up a stock.  Sweet Pea is our lovely model for the headbands that we created.  The great thing about these is that we used some very soft fabric on the underside of the headband where the flower is so that there is no mark left on all the little one's heads.

 Modeling her new Sunlight Hugga Buns.

 Who doesn't love a Monarch Butterfly?

 Bring on the bling!

 My little ladybug!
 Pretty butterflies!

I love the dragonfly!
 It is only appropriate that my Sweet Pea has her own sweet peas!

 We discussed on future headbands putting little ants with the peonies since they are always present in nature.

 Then we hauled out the latest Family Circle, made a few modifications, and now we have our Easter decorations:  The Peep Tree!
The following are some focal beads and/or lamp or fan pulls.  They are all hand stitched.  We decided to try with these colors, but we can create them with any color combination.
 Above is the Marquis style focal bead.
 Above is the Lantern style focal bead

Above is a Lantern/Marquis hybrid focal bead

So, what do you think?  I believe we are getting a pretty great start.  We are looking forward to getting an Etsy site started and being able to take some custom orders.  I know this weekend has gotten me more pumped to dive into some other craft projects I have been meaning to start.

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