Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

     As I had posted last week, I received a free sample of the MiO Liquid Water Enhancer and I felt I must share my thoughts on this product.  Especially since, as a EBF mother, I am suppose to be drinking a large amount of water, which I find hard to do most of the time because, lets admit it, water can get pretty boring.
     First of all, I was very impressed at the amount that I had received as a free sample.  The bottle, as it turns out, is the same size bottle that they sell in the store.  It has 24 servings, with one serving equalling one squirt per 8 fl oz.  I had the Berry Pomegranate flavor. 
     One of the best things about this product is that it is a liquid and not one of the crystallized flavor additives.  So, as you drink, you don't have to worry about finding any chunks of flavor floating in your water.  Most of the time I was drinking from a 32 oz container, but I only had to add 2 squirts to get a really great amount of flavor.
     Another great aspect is that there is no sugar, carbohydrates, calories or artificial flavors in the MiO enhancer.  The downside is that it does contain some of the dyes I know many of you are trying to avoid.  All 6 flavors contain Red 40 and depending on which flavor, at least one other dye.  I would love if they could create the flavors without adding the dyes.
     While on the topic of the dyes, I was concerned at first that my container was going to have a permanent discoloration when I finished my water the first time.  Lo and behold, it did not stain at all.  This is also great because I know lots of the other water additives that have sugar can sometimes leave a whitish discoloration on the container that can be hard to get rid of.
     Overall, I am really looking forward to trying more of the flavors.  There are a total of 6 flavors:
 - Berry Pomegranate
- Fruit Punch
- Strawberry Watermelon
- Sweet Tea
- Peach Tea
- Mango Peach
     If you are someone who finds it hard to drink as much water as you should and you don't like using the powdered additives, this is a fantastic product to try.  Plus, this week in the paper there was a $1/1 coupon and Target has a special where, if you buy 2 MiO's, you get a 24 pack of water free.


  1. I was also disappointed that all the Mio flavorings contain red dye, which I have a real problem with. Even the Peach Tea and Mango Peach have red dye in them - and they are not colored red. It boggles the mind. Why did they add the red dye in those two???

  2. So how does it taste? Is there an aftertaste or anything, does it taste chemically?


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