Thursday, March 10, 2011

Walgreens: Week of 3/6

So, this week was a busy week, so I had the opportunity to make 3 trips to Walgreens.  The total amount spent:  $29.98; total amount of product: $111.27; total savings:  $81.29.  Wonderful savings, still looking to do better.  Here is a breakdown:

Always pads: $2.99
cpn from P&G cpn book -$1.00
RR -$2.00
Total: made $0.01

Colgate Sensitive:  (2) $4.49
BOGO -$4.49
Cpn -$1.00
Total: 2 tubes for $3.49 or $1.74/tube

Lysol wipes: (2) $3.59
BOGO -$3.59
Cpn -$1.00
Total: 2 containers for $2.59 or $1.29/container

Honey Roasted Almonds: $2.99 one day on clearance, the next day $1.99 on clearance

Covergirl eyeshadow: (2) $3.49 (I should have argued this because the tag said $2.99, but we were running late)
BOGO 50% -$1.75
Cpn -$1.00
Total: 2 for $4.23 or $2.11/shadow

Noxema disposable razors 4 pack:  BOGO free
Total:  $4.99
I was hoping to get the Venus razor that had the RR but they were out all three times, even though I made sure the third time would be when they were stocking shelves and I had been told more would be coming in.  Oh well!

Mandarin Oranges: (4) $1.29
In-store cpn - $3.16
Total: $2.00 or $0.50/can

Pedicare: (2) Allergy $7.49, (2) Infant $5.99, (2) Childrens Cold $7.49, (3) Children's Fever Reducer $6.99
In-store cpn -$45
Printable cpn $3/2 -$6
Printable cpn $2/1 -$4
Catalina cpn $1.50/1 -$1.50
Total: $6.41 or $0.71/box

I don't normally buy household cleaners, I prefer to make my own, but we have been hit hard with sickness this year so I figure, with all the company we have, I wanted something a little stronger to wipe things down after people leave. 

I just got the Krogers ad and the coupon inserts for Sunday, so I will try and get some things matched up and let you know what I find and how I do on my shopping trip.  Shopping probably won't happen until after Sunday.

Have a great evening!

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