Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kroger's trip, 3/15

     So, I just realized that I totally forgot to take a picture of the items I got.  Must have been due to the unhappy baby and the fact I really had to get dinner going that day.  I am really disappointed in my trip this week.  I spent a lot of research time on making my list and I get to the store and the prices were either more or my store was one that chose not to discount the same things like the rest of the stores in our region.  Another negative mark for this town I live in.  On the positive side, my Kroger store has not had their computers updated so the are still accepting both e-coupons and paper coupons for the same item.

     Anyways, the total spent for 2.5 weeks worth of groceries was $91.91, the total amount of groceries I got was $185.58, total savings was 50%.  I will say that this was also higher because I started stocking up on items for a road trip we will be taking in a month so it wasn't just groceries for the next two weeks.

     Also, next time I will try and type this up before I go so I can include the exact coupons and the links.  I am new at this, so sorry.  Must learn as I go.

     The big deal this week was buying 10 items and getting $5 off, which was actually done as taking $0.50 off the price of those items.

10 Pillsbury Crescent (5 ct) and Cinnamon rolls (5 ct) $1.25 each
(2) $0.40/2 e-coupon
(2) $0.50/2 e-coupon
(3) $0.40/2 printed coupon
(2) $0.50/2 printed coupon
Total:  $0.85 each

Country Crock large tub $3.09
$0.40/1 printed coupon
Total:  $2.69

2 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt 4 packs $1.99 each
(2) $1.00/1 e-coupon
Total:  $0.99 each

2 Yoplait Trix Yogurt 6 packs $1.99 each
$0.75/2 e-coupon
$0.75/2 Krogers coupon
Total:  $1.24 each

3 Krogers shredded cheese 3/$5
$0.40/1 Krogers coupon
$0.50/2 Krogers coupon
Total:  $1.37 each

2 Philadelphia Cooking Creme $2.50 each
$0.75/1 e-coupon
(2) $1.50/1 printed coupons
Total:  $0.62 each

Pringles $1.34
$0.25 e-coupon
Total:  $1.09

(5) General Mills cereal $2.18 each
$2.00/5 catalina coupon
$0.75/1 e-coupon
(2) $0.75/1 printed coupon
(2) $0.55/1 printed coupon
Total:  $1.11 each

2 Tostino's Pizza Rolls $0.99
$0.40/1 e-coupon
Total:  $0.79 each

2 Coke products 2 Liter $1.89 each
BOGO free coupon from
Total:  $0.94 each

2 Krogers large eggs dozen $1.69 each
Free eggs Krogers coupon
$0.55/2 printed coupon
Total:  $0.84 each

6 Chex Mix $1.29
(3) $0.50/2 e-coupon
(3) $0.50/2 printed coupon
Total:  $0.79 each

2 Gardettos $1.29
(2) $0.50/1 e-coupon
Total:  $0.79 each

Van de Kamp 30 ct fish sticks $3.19
cpn for free Birdseye frozen veggies
Total:  $1.59 each

     That is most of the big stuff.  I also had $6 off from the Daytona sale that Krogers had and $0.50 from a deal Cellfire was having.  I got 76 items in total.  I still love the fact that I got $93.67 worth of groceries for free.

     The most important thing I want you guys to know about coupons is that, while some stores may make it difficult to use them, or may even make you feel bad about using them, the stores get their money back plus some.  If you look on most coupons, it states that the manufacturer will reimburse for the face value plus some other amount.  So, stack those coupons and save yourself some money.

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