Tuesday, March 22, 2011


     Isn't funny how you can go from feeling so proud of yourself as a mother and of you kids one day to feeling totally defeated the next.  That is where I am today.  The weather is gorgeous, the kids were acting as they do (no better, no worse) and yet I just felt utterly defeated today.  I can't even pinpoint something specific that happened that made me feel that way.

     We all have days where things seem to be falling apart, but we can figure out where it started.  Either the kids woke up on the wrong side of the bed (it's always easier to blame them, right?) or nothing seems to be going right.  Sometimes it can even be something as simple as what someone said.  One of my friends the other day blogged about her son saying those dreaded three words for the first time "I hate you".  Days where it is something said can be worse than the other two because you can't take words back.  Yet, the days I find the most frustrating are when you can't figure out why you feel so bummed and defeated. 

     On any other day, someone can ask me why I am upset or appear angry and I can tell them.  Today, my husband kept trying to figure out what the problem was (which, as we know, tends to make it worse) and I just could not give an answer.  Yet, because I can't give an answer, then hubby can't fix it, which frustrates him, and the defeated day just seems to get worse. 

     Do you have days like this?  I am sure all of you do.  I think the ones that I can't explain are due to just letting myself get stressed out over time and then it just builds up to a point.  At least that sounds like a good excuse, right?  What do you do to help recharge yourself after you feel defeated?  Looks like I am going to be climbing into bed with my two favorite kiddos and cuddling.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better, if not, I can just blame Wild Man for getting up on the wrong side of the bed ;-)

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  1. I feel like that when I feel overwhelmed, too much to do and when you get something done, the list doesn't get shorter.
    For me, hugs from my favorite grandson always helped.


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