Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Cloth Diaper Collection

So, here is my diaper collection.  Ignore the staining.  I really need a sunny day to get my diapers out on the line!  Out of pocket, I haven't spent more than $50.  I bought the Econobum covers during the BOGO sale, along with some prefolds.  My grandmother bought 10 of the white Econobums as seconds for $4.95 each and then two Bumgenius, so there is another $60.  On the left hand side you can see a lot of inserts, my grandmother has actually made those for me.  The fit perfectly and work really well.  All she did was outline one of the BumGenius inserts and then found a fabric, used 3-4 layers and then surged all around.  The Thirsties covers were a gift from my mom, so I don't know the cost.  Sweet Pea is almost too big for them, so I am looking at selling some of them back and maybe giving some away within the next month.  As for my wipes, a gift from my mom.  She had tons of fabric and she cut them out and sewed them together.  I also make my own baby wipe solution.  So, my collection is probably larger than most, but I also try to keep things frugal.  Not counting the Thirsties, I have 14 covers and 2 Pockets, cloth wipes, inserts and prefolds for around $110.

What do your collections look like?  What are your favorite diapers?  I need to figure out what I want to replace the Thirsties with.  I also need to find a swim diaper.  Need to keep my eyes open for some big sales!  Right now, the BumGenius and the Thirsties have hook and loop, but the Econobums are snaps.  Which do you prefer?

Well, time to hit the hay!

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