Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Restocking Day!

Hello again!  Sorry for not being on in a while.  Between the end of vacation and Wildman's issues (which I will write about later), things have been pretty hectic.  We have actually been living out of our pantry, for the most part, since we got back from vacation.  So today, it was time to restock.  I went ahead and made out a menu for the rest of the month and then we went shopping.  Not everything was as good a deal as it could have been, but it was still pretty exhilarating getting some really good deals and feeling like we have a stocked pantry.  Now I only have to worry about perishables and really good deals for the next few weeks.
Snickers bar and the teas are not pictured.

In order to prevent us from having to go to five stores today, we went to CVS last night after our walk in the park.  We got our Halloween candy for $5 each - $1.50/3 cpn and earned 3 EB.  We took advantage of the cpn for the free Dr. Pepper 10, along with $0.55 off Pepsi Max and $1/2 Sierra Mist Naturals.  I used another $1/1 cpn for the Finish tabs and a $0.25 cpn (from the machine) off of a Snickers bar (they were buy 2 get 1 free, so of course I had to purchase 2 M&Ms).  We got our milk pretty cheap (I forgot to use my $1/1 cpn, maybe next time) and they had the Lipton green teas for 5/$5 - $1/5 cpn, along with 1 EB earned.  In total, we got $51.73 worth of product for $22.03, a 57.4% savings.  We also have 4 EB to use next time.

Today we started out at Walgreens.  We took advantage of the Cottonelle ultra deal.  We bought 3 packages at $5 ea - $3 Walgreens cpn - $0.50 mfg cpn = $11.50, or $0.32 per roll and we earned 4 RR.  We purchased 2 packages of Halls cough drops at $1 - $1/2 cpn and we earned another 1 RR.  We then used a $3 cpn for the Bengay.  In total, we got $32.77 worth of product for $15.48, a 52.8% savings and we have 5 RR for next time.

Next was a quick trip to Target.  I mainly went for the sale on chicken, I just wish that Target had released one of their cpns for the chicken also.  I did find some decent clearance deals.  The chicken was $4.99 ea.  I then found some Quaker granola bars marked down to $1.86 ea, and I just happened to have 2 $1/2 cpns with me.  I also found Sobe water for $0.71 ea and I had a $1/5 cpn.  The receipt doesn't show what the granola bars are normally priced at, but I think it is normally $2.50 a box.  So, we got $29.08 worth of product for $17.92, a 38% savings.  (The picture of my Target purchases is not showing up).

Our third stop was Cub Foods.  It has been awhile since I had been there, but I had found a cpn for $5 off $25, along with some great deals that I could match up the store cpns with mfg cpns.  There is too much to list, but some of the highlights:  General Mills cereal 2/$5 and $5 off when you buy 10, I used 3 different $1 cpns; Cheetos and Fritos were $1.79 ea with store cpn - $1/2 cpn; Country Crock sides were 2/$6 plus BOGO store cpn and $1/1 mfg cpn; frozen chicken was $3.49 for 2.5lbs; apples were $1.88 for 3 lbs; salad mix was $0.88; Sargento cheese was $1.88 ea.  We got $97.22 worth of product for $42.41, a 56% savings.

Our last stop was Krogers.  Now, I have to admit, I paid more for a few things because I knew the kids were done and there was no way we were going to make it to Aldi's.  I literally stood in front of a few items and had this internal struggle about paying for them, but I figured the well-being of my children (and my own sanity) trumped a better deal.  I also found that they now make Chicken bacon!  This is super exciting to me.  I don't eat red meat, and I am getting a little tired of turkey.  I would probably more more away from meat, but I think my husband would starve ;-)  Plus, the chicken bacon had a coupon attached, BONUS!  Some of the highlights:  Pepsi and Mt. Dew 24 pks $5.99 ea - $2/2 cpn; Silk $2.79 - $1/1 cpn; Sunchips $2.99 ea - $1/2 cpn; frozen veggies $0.99 ea - $0.50/3 cpn; Sweet Tea $2.69 - $1/1 cpn.  Another great buy was the Eggland cage free organic eggs.  They were only $1.79 ea!  That was cheaper than the store brand.  Plus, I had a $0.55/2 cpn.  We got $91.84 worth of product for $66.12 (ouch!), a 28% savings.

So, over a two day period, we got $302.64 worth of product for $163.96, a 46% savings.  Not horrible, I just have to remind myself that I purchased enough to last us over a month (I like putting it in a better perspective).

Any deals you have found that you just couldn't pass up?

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