Thursday, October 13, 2011

WIldman's Specialist Visit

Well, last week Wildman had his visit with the pediatric urologist.  The morning started off with some ultrasounds and a VCUG.  I am glad that we chose to do this at a pediatric hospital.  I can't imagine having him do the VCUG with someone who is use to working with adults.  Immediately after the tests we went up and spoke with the doctor. 

I must first say that I am always a little bothered when a doctor walks in and says he knows what is going on without having spoken with me and basing his decision just on the films.  He was also a fast talker, which always gets my defenses up because I just get this feeling that someone is trying to pull one over on me.  Anyway, he did a quick exam of Wildman.  I had also written down the specific dates of all previous appointments and the reason for the appointment and what was done, along with any major issues Wildman had along the way. 

The doctor said that, structurally, Wildman is fine.  He thinks that Wildman is having bladder spasms.  He said that he is unconsciously holding his urine, probably due to the spasms being false alarms.  He also said he appeared constipated (which is news to me since there seems to be no issues with how that area functions ;-).  What we got out of the visit is that we are suppose to do timed visits to the bathroom, every 2-3 hrs.  We are suppose to increase his fiber intake and avoid a whole laundry list of things.  The things we are suppose to avoid are things that could lead to constipation.  We go back in January to have more films taken and to see how Wildman is doing.  If he still has any blood or is painful, then we may try a medication to help with the spasms.  The medication can't be started until there are no signs of constipation, since a side effect to the medication can be constipation. 

The doctor said that the blood could be due to some vessels in the urethra that are bursting.  He said they use to do a scope and cauterize the vessels, but that could lead to a stricture.  Now they try and let it heal. 

I am glad that Wildman doesn't need any surgery, but I still feel like the answer doesn't make sense to me.  It seems to simple and, since it tends to be common, something one of the other doctors would have diagnosed.  From a medical standpoint, I would also think, if the blood is coming from closer to the bladder, Wildman's urine would look like it had blood in it, instead of the drips that come afterwards. 

On a high point, Wildman has only had 1-2 incidents of blood since the appointment and has only woken up very painful once.  Hopefully following the diet and timed visits to the potty will help. 

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