Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Sorry for the delay in writing.  After the visit to the specialist, we were given somethings to do.  So, between that and trying to get myself and the kids back on a schedule (along with Halloween coming up), things have been hectic.  Unfortunately, since my last post, we have had to take Wildman to the ER for an anomaly involving lots of swelling and blood.  Needless to say, we were horrified by our treatment at the ER and I have been dealing with phone calls to the hospital since then.  After the pediatric specialist found out about Wildman's latest issues, he decided to have him try the medicine that he was hoping to hold off on and have Wildman come in for a cystoscopy.  We have that scheduled for next Friday.  The procedure is suppose to take 30-45 minutes, as long as all goes well, and Wildman will be under general anesthesia.  The doctor is concerned that there is no improvement and many steps back.  He is afraid he missed something and that there is something going on that wasn't seen on the VCUG and ultrasound. 

This puts me in a predicament.  Following my instincts, I didn't think that the first diagnosis was correct.  It seemed too easy.  It would have been wonderful if bladder spasms was all it was, but deep down I felt there was more.  Now my baby is going under anesthesia and I am torn between wanting them to find something and wanting the procedure to show nothing.  If they don't find anything, then what?  If they find something, then there can be a fix.  I will feel like I have been on the right track.  Then again, if they find something, it could mean there could be a longer road ahead.  The doctor suggested the possibility of a small flap of skin or maybe a stone that had broken up.  The nurse mentioned some sort of pocket.  Being a mother, my mind has lately ventured to some sort of lump.  I hate thinking like that.  I want to think everything is roses, but, it's hard to explain. 

So, anyway, I do promise to get the review up.  Now that I am done with Sweet Pea's costume, I just have curtains to make, decorating her room, planning for her first birthday, working on vacation and baby scrapbooks and, oh yeah, getting Christmas things together!  I really need to make a schedule and some lists!  ;-)

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