Monday, October 3, 2011

A Pretty Good Day

Wildman swinging Sweet Pea.  This was a picture from last week.
While today started off chilly, it turned out to be a GORGEOUS day!  We started out by going to the park.  It is definitely a different feeling trying to help Sweet Pea walk around.  I have gotten so use to carrying her everywhere.  We even lucked out and a friend that Wildman had been hoping to see just happened to show up at the park.  Wildman loves the tire swing and the teeter totter.  Do you remember what your favorite playground equipment was?  Sweet Pea loves to swing.

Afterwards we got some awesome deals at Target.  We got $72.11 worth of product for $27.03, a 62.5% savings.  The make up was free.  The two shirts were only $.74 ea, with coupon.  One of the transformers toys was free, one was under $5 and the other one was under $15 (originally priced at $26).  The great thing is the rebate I will get worth $20, which includes a Transformers T-shirt, toy and a $5 cpn for another Transformers character.  Wildman is going to love these great finds for Christmas.  The best part was that I put the toys in one of the bags I had brought so Wildman wouldn't see them while we were shopping.  When I got up to the check out lane, I told the guy that I was trying not to let Wildman see the toys.  Wildman stayed busy with all the items they display at the checkout and the cashier didn't even take the items out of the bag.  He was awesome and just scanned everything in the bag.  I will definitely have to find him next time I shop.  He asked if I was one of those extreme couponers.  I told him that I like to find a good deal, but who needs so much of any one thing.  The book in the picture was a free book we received from vitamins that we had purchased for Wildman.

After we got home, we found out that Wildman's name had been drawn in the "cavity free" drawing at his dentist's office.  He won the game Uno Moo.  That is a fun game!  It is super easy and quick.  To top off the evening, the kids loved dinner (tortellini, which is my favorite pasta) and after bath time, Sweet Pea actually pooped in the potty!  Wildman and myself made a big deal about it and showed her how to flush.

Now both kiddos are in bed (Wildman in a sleeping bag next to his bed because he "loves sleeping on the floor) and we are one day closer to seeing the doctor.

It really was a good day! 

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