Friday, September 30, 2011

One of those weeks

I almost wrote a post last night.  Except, it would have been more of a pity party than a post.  I decided that you didn't want to read that.  So, I went to bed with every intention of today being better.  Today definitely had its perks, but also so downers.  Poor Wildman.  His issue with his nether regions just seems to be getting worse.  Each day he asks if he gets to see the doctor today.  :-(  Luckily, just one more week.  Hopefully, whatever we find out, there is something they will advise us to do to help him immediately.  Poor kiddo shouldn't have to cry when going potty. 

On top of that, I was trying to have the mortgage company explain some calculations they had made.  Now, I am a very smart person.  I can do all sorts of math things.  It doesn't make sense to me that I have spoken to them 6 times in the past 2 months, regarding our escrow, and I get a different answer and a different set of numbers each time.  It got to the point today that the representative started making those noises people make when they don't want to say something.  Hard to describe, but you know it when you hear it.  Of course, the supervisor was no better.  Sometimes it is things like this that makes you want to go back to the simple days of renting.

Luckily, things got better.  Sweet Pea is a teeter-toddling two-toothed sweetie!  She took her first few shuffle steps on September 7th and her first real steps the next day.  Now she is working on cruising around.  She still prefers to crawl, but she is trying to walk more and more each day.  She is so beautiful and smart and curious!  We new from the start that she would be totally different from Wildman, but sometimes I forget how "well-behaved" Wildman was.  The things she gets into!  I am glad that I have the gate at the bottom of the stairs.  When we head up at night, I let her crawl up.  She is so fast and there are about 15 steps.  Next week Mimi will get to show her off at her work while Wildman gets his tests done.

Aside from spending some quality time together, we decided to take advantage of the double coupons that K-mart had going on this week.  We scored a number of free things.  We got $34.40 worth of product for $13.13, or a 62% savings.  My deal would have been better if I had not gotten the Hershey bars and the marshmallows, but, we plan on camping out in the backyard this weekend and we needed some S'mores fixins'.  We got the brownie mix, shampoo, salad mix and two of the three shave gels for free.  The other shave gel was just $0.35 and the lunch meat was $0.24 each.  I was hoping that the grocery section of this K-mart would have had some of the other items people had posted as great deals.  I had been hoping to stock up on a few other items.  The kiddos did great out shopping today (we also sold some old jewelry for a steal and got some tulle to make a skirt of Sweet Pea for Halloween) that we had to get some milkshakes (for Wildman and myself).

I got to end my evening doing something for myself.  I call this my Wreath of Fall.  I think it captures the major themes of fall:  harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, falling leaves, everything.

Well, this is a little rambling, but I just needed to talk.  Have a great evening!

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