Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Pet Helping Weekend

Well, our weekend started innocent enough yesterday.  Sweet Pea, Wildman and I headed out for a walk to the park yesterday morning.  On our way we saw a dog wandering around.  He had a harness and tags on, but his tail was tucked and he looked scared.  The road next to where we were walking is some what busy, so every time the dog got closer to the street, I would wave to make sure that the drivers saw him.  He started walking back the way we came from, so we slowly followed.  Another car pulled up and a girl got out to try and catch the dog, but he was too scared, so they left.  We followed him and saw him go up into another person's yard.  The man happened to come out and I asked if it was his dog.  He didn't recognize the dog, but went over to see him.  The dog headed to the man's backyard and the man was able to sit and get the dog to come to him.  He read the phone numbers off the tags and I called.  Luckily, they were the correct numbers and we were able to get a hold of his owners.  His name was Jack and they had been looking for him for about 45 minutes.  They were there in less than 5 minutes and were very appreciative.  Wildman and I felt really good about out good deed.  At our old home, when we had a new roof and siding being put on the house, the gate had been left open.  Our dog got out and was gone for 5 days.  We were so appreciative when we got the call that he had been spotted.  We were just so glad this guy, Jack, didn't have to be gone from home that long.

So, we continued on our walk to the park and back, stopping at a few garage sales on the way home.  We then came across another dog that had gotten out.  I was a little more leery of this guy.  He had obviously gotten off of a stake in the yard (he still had the tether attached to his harness).  He kept his distance and, at some point, found a scent he really liked because he took off into some open area between houses, but away from the busy road.  Wildman and I liked to think that he found a scent he remembered and he found his way home.

Today I decided I wanted to take advantage of the last day of Petsmart's Family and Friends Weekend for the 15% off.  I had already gathered coupons for each of the items I was going to purchase, along with the 15% off coupon and a $3 off coupon for a survey I completed.  Once we got there, we found a lot of other great deals.  I already had a $2 cpn for the dog food, $0.75 cpn for the cat food, and $1.00 cpn for the cat treats.  Once we got there, we scored another cpn for 2 free cans of dog food, a free container of cat food, $2 off the dog treats with purchase of a dog food and I had another $2 off cat food cpn.  In total, before taxes, we got $84.75 worth of product for $47.99 after coupons and discounts, a 43.38% savings.  We decided to go ahead and get the small bags of pet food, the canned dog food and the cat treats to give to the local humane society.  Wildman and I felt really good about our good deeds this weekend.  Along with building a tent this morning, Wildman said that finding Jack's mom and our donations for the humane society were his favorite things this weekend.

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