Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Target, 8/30/11

Today I actually went to Wal-mart and Target.  There were a few items at Wal-mart that I needed that weren't on sale and I didn't have coupons for.  So, instead of trying to subtract out those items just to give you the amounts I spent on deals, I decided to not bother.  I did end up with free Cars Yoplait yogurt and men's body wash and cheap Dannon Real Fruit bites and Kashi granola bars.

So, Target wasn't the cheapest trip, but it went pretty well.  The Cascade was all free.  They were $0.97 - $1.00 cpn = $0.03 money maker on all three.  The trail mix were $2.99 ea and I had 2 $1.50/2 cpns, making them $2.24 ea.  These will be great for an upcoming car trip.  The Diet Pepsi was $2.75 ea - $1 = $1.75 ea.  The Prevacid was $10.49 ea - (4) $3/1 cpns = $7.49 ea.  I also got 2 $5 gift cards, making the Prevacid more like $4.99 each.  That is an awesome deal!  Considering that a 48-ct pack is normally $25 and I got 56 for $19.96.  So, I got $76.01 in product for $42.28 before tax, a 44.4% savings and I still have $10 in gift cards to spend.

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