Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Milestones with Your Daughter

My SweetPea. I look forward to celebrating many milestones together!

I was reading a question posted on Facebook by Confessions of an Earthy Young Mama where she asked the following, "At what age do you think you will 'let' your daughters wear make-up and shave? How old were you when you started?" This really got me thinking about my milestones growing up and what I hope to do for my daughter.

For me, I know I didn't start wearing make up to school and shaving until 8th grade. I would wear make up for dance competitions, but nothing to school. It seems that 8th grade was a popular answer for many of the mothers who answered this question. Yet, to me, it wasn't so much the age that I was interested in but how the mothers were introduced. Unfortunately, no one else shared that info. I loved how my mother always made my milestones special. Here are just a few examples.

In 3rd grade was when I got my ears pierced (for the 1st time ;-). I remember that my mom made it a mother/daughter evening. We had dinner and then we went to the mall. I had it done at Piercing Pagoda and got gold ball studs. I don't recall it hurting and afterwards we got desert. I remember that we had it done at that age because I would be able to take care of them myself. That is exactly my thinking when it comes to Sweet Pea. I can't imagine getting her ears pierced at her current age because I have seen little girls who had them done too early and they never learned to take care of their ears themselves. They got so use to having a parent do it, they never did it properly. I love the idea of having a minimum age that I would let Sweet Pea get it done, but also knowing that I will leave the decision of when it happens up to her.

The next big milestone was make up. Again, it was a mother/daughter evening and I was in 8th grade. We went to Clinique. The ladies did a make over with the face cleansers and make up. Then my mom got me some of their products. It was great to learn how to put it on but then get to go have a meal and feel grown up with my mom. I am hoping that I will instill in Sweet Pea that she does not need to wear make up before then, so I can hold off on this milestone until middle school, but only time will tell. I know, in school at least, I still felt that I should wear make up, but never an unnatural amount. Normally just some concealer, powder and blush and a little eye make up (no liner). I don't understand some of the styles today (maybe I am too old ;-). I seriously just hope that I can help Sweet Pea see her inner beauty and that make up should be used as a tool, but not a necessity.

The third big milestone was shaving. This was also 8th grade and happened around the same time as other female "milestones". I remember my mom had gotten me a Caboodles (do any of you remember them?) and filled it with a razor and shave cream, along with a few other grown up girl items. I think there was even bath supplies in there because I first had to conquer shaving in the tub before moving up to the shower. Again, the milestone was made to feel like a special one.

While I am not wanting Sweet Pea to grow up any faster than she already is, I can't wait to share in these, and many other, milestones with her. I am so lucky that I had a mother who made even the smallest of milestones a special one. I am lucky that we have such a close relationship that I can call my mom my best friend (she was maid of honor at my wedding also). But most of all, I am honored to have a mother who taught me how to be a wonderful mother to my own daughter. I know I will be able to take what my mother taught me about making the milestones in my life special and pass that on to my daughter. I LOVE YOU MOM!

What milestones do you remember when you were growing up? What special things did you do or what special things do you plan on doing with your daughter?

Wildman, Mimi and I petting the stingrays!

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