Friday, April 1, 2011

Target and Aldi's 4/1/11

So, it has been awhile since I went to Aldi's, but after seeing their produce prices this week, I was reminded why I loved going there. I got everything above for $15.09. The grapes were $1.49 for 2lbs, strawberries $0.99/lb and bananas were $0.39/lb. Plus, I have yet to find anyone beat their prices for baking supplies. They don't take coupons, so most of the name brand stuff is cheaper elsewhere, but I love what they do have. Plus, their milk usually is cheaper than other stores.

Wild Man was pretty proud of our Target shopping adventure. $84.79 worth of product for
$33.34, a 60.7% savings.

Kandoo flushable wipes: $1.42 - $1/1 (mailer cpn) = $0.42

(2) Purex Crystals: $2.99/ea - (2)$1/1 Target cpn - (2) $1/1 printable cpn (no longer available) = $0.99/ea

Tangled: $19.99 - $5 printable cpn (even though it says 4 disc combo pack, it works on just the blu ray, I don't know about just the dvd) = $14.99, plus there are two more $5 rebates you can do, one from Success Rice and one from Cost Cutters. So, you could get the blu ray for $4.99

(2) Sobe Water: $1.00/ea - (2) $0.50 printable Target cpn = $0.50/ea

(2) Zyrtec 5 ct: $5.39 - (2)$4/1 printable Target cpn - (2)$2/1 printable Zyrtec cpn = $1.22 money maker

(2) Special K cereal: $2.50/ea - $1/2 printable Target cpn - $1/2 Special K cpn = $1.50/ea

(4) Knorr rice: $1.02/ea - (2) $0.50/2 printable Target cpn = $0.77/ea

(4) Market Pantry Fruit Snacks: $1.39/ea - (2) $1/1 printable Target cpn = $0.89/ea

(2) Wishbone salad dressing: $1.89/ea - $0.75/1 Wishbone cpn (my computer couldn't print it twice) - $1.50/2 printable Target cpn = $0.77/ea

(2) Mio Beverage Enhancer: $3.50/ea - $1/1 mailed cpn - $1/1 cpn 3/27 Smartsource insert = $2.50/ea + a free 24 pack of Ice Mountain water

Based on the past two days, and the fact that there are no good sales at Kroger this week, I think I am bypassing shopping there this week and making meals based off of my pantry stock. Hopefully they have some better sales starting next Thursday.

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  1. We really hit the jackpot last week when we got some Aldi pineapples for $0.99 each! We let them get super ripe, cut them into chunks, and froze them for future use. Ours here is usually pretty hit or miss, though.



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