Friday, May 18, 2012

Kroger's, 05/17/12

Hi all!  It has been awhile, I know.  I lost my blog bug and just didn't know what to write about.  Plus, things have just been crazy so I also had a hard time finding the time.  Just wanted to do a coupon update.  This was from my Kroger's shopping trip today.  With tax, I paid around $48, saving 60%.  One of my e-coupons for $0.40 for the bread didn't get added in, but I was to tired to argue.  In total, we got 5 boxes of cheerios (1 was free), 3 goldfish, 6 packages of Sargento cheese, 2 packages of Sargento string cheese, a package of turkey breast, 2 free granola bars, 4 protein bars (2 free), 30 kool aid packages (10 free, planning on many playgroups this summer and hubby likes it), frozen corn (free), artisan bread, Dr. Pepper (free), almond milk, 2 liquid Coffemates and 12 pack of Coke (both for hubby).  We did the self checkout and the guy who took the coupons was very impressed by the savings.  I am glad that I am getting back into the serious couponing again and building the stock back up.

Just as a side note, I know you don't see any fruits, veggies, etc.  We are part of a CSA where we get 5-6 lbs of veggies a week (we paid for this back in February).  We also take part in a whole sale organics group where you place bulk orders for organic products once a month and then pick them up and a set location.  It has saved us a ton of time and money.  In between, I tend to go to Aldi's where we scored some great produce and other items yesterday.

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