Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CVS and Walgreens, 01/24/2012

This was an unexpected trip.  Very last minute.  I am upset with some "secret" rules that Walgreens had regarding the register rewards that I received during the first of two transactions which then prevented me from getting the register rewards in the second transaction.  Oh well, I have always liked CVS better.

So, Wildman, Sweet Pea and I stopped at Walgreens on our way to Wildman's tumbling class.  We needed to pick up some Prevacid.  The 28 ct was marked at $20.  I had my $5 RR from last week and a $4 mf cpn.  I spent $11.95 oop and got $10 RR.  After tumbling and a trip to CVS we went back to Walgreens and got another 28ct of Prevacid.  This time I used a $4 mf cpn and the $10 RR.  I spent $6.95 oop but was not allowed to get another $10 RR because I spent my previous $10 RR on Prevacid.  I sure do prefer the no strings attached rewards at CVS.  Anyway, I purchased $46.48 worth of product for $18.90, a 60% savings.

Wildman took the picture, so it is from his viewpoint
We also did one of our quickest trips ever through CVS.  I had two cpns for $1 off 1 gallon of milk and 1 half gallon chocolate milk.  CVS also had $1 ECB you got for each gallon purchased.  The deodorant was on clearance for $1.14 and I had (2) $1/2 cpns.  These also went towards the sale for $3 RR for $10 in product (I may have to print more cpns and go back).  The coke was 4/$10, which is the price I stock up at.  I would like it lower, but that is harder to find.  I couldn't find anything else I really needed to try and get another $10 gift card, so it seemed pointless to spend $20 dollars on things I don't need just to get $10.  Anyway, I got $51.48 worth of product for $16.53 oop, a 68% savings.

And now for some tumbling moves by Wildman:

The crab walk
Crab walk buddy system?

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