Thursday, January 19, 2012

Savings for January 2012

I have started plugging in my savings into a Coupon Savings Tracker.  I had taken a month or so off from really couponing.  We had a lot in stock and I would shop some, but with the holidays, I wasn't doing as well matching up deals.  This first month I have had some great savings, but I can see where I need to improve some.  As of now, I have spent, on all household and grocery items, about $142.92 and saved $205.87, a 59% savings.  I didn't take pictures of all the deals, but here are a few.

 CVS 01/02/2012
These items I purchased in order to get the $10 CVS gift card.  I also had a $5/$20 coupon and $3.50 coupon for using my CVS card during the fall.  I paid $17.72 oop for $60.74 worth of product, a 71% savings (saved $43.02).
 CVS 01/18/2012
I have actually been to CVS two other times between the previous photo and this one, I just didn't take photos.  I did earn a $10 gift card each of those times.  The items today were for the $10 gift card also.  But I scored some other great deals.  The three hair colors were on clearance for $2.37, $2.62, $2.49 and I had three coupons for $1, $2, and $3.  The softsoap was on sale for $0.99 and I had a $0.75 cpn and $0.40 cpn.  I also took advantage of the B2G1 Hershey's bar deal and paired that with the B1G1 Hershey's coupon.  I would have gotten another one but they were out of the Hershey's bars in the coupon.  I paid $14.03 oop for $79.49 worth of product, an 83.4% savings (saved $65.46).  I still have $5.42 left on my gift card.
Walgreens 01/18/2012
My husband prefers Aleve to any other pain medication, so when I saw this deal, I had to take advantage.  The Aleve was marked down to $3.79 ea and if you spent $15, you got $5 in RR.  So, I purchased 4 and paired them up with a $5/2 cpn and 2 $2/1 cpns.  I paid around $6.20 oop for $27.16 worth of product, a 77% savings and I have a $5 RR for next time.

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