Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bug on a Rug: Fortress Diaper Review

Well, I should have written this review several months ago, but, as everything else seemed to slip through the cracks, so did this review.  Anyway, a few months back there was a post requesting testers for a new diaper.  The diaper was designed to prevent little escape artists from escaping their diaper, thus the name Fortress diaper.  Here is the description on Bug on a Rug's page:
Does your baby or toddler take off his or her diaper? I have the solution!

Make any fabric design you would like into a fortress diaper, contact me for fabric availability (OOAK excluded).

This diaper is a pocket cloth diaper, it does require an insert (not included), it does not require a cover.

Introducing Bug On A Rug's Fortress Diaper (Patent Pending). This unique diaper features a long wing that wraps around the diaper instead of two wings that meet in the middle of the front of the diaper. This long wing velcros across the front so you get that exact fit that you can't get with only snaps and it snaps in the back with two snaps so baby can't reach to un-do the diaper. The diaper is made with a hidden PUL layer and a cotton outer layer.

One size diaper fits approximately 15-40 lbs.

I am always up for testing diapers and, even though Sweet Pea wasn't trying to escape her diapers at the time, I thought it would be fun to try the diaper anyway.  I contacted Bug on a Rug and signed up.  The first diaper that I got ended up having a manufacturer defect (not from anything under Bug on a Rug's control, totally the manufacturer of the material).  They got that sorted out and I got this second, adorable diaper.

The diaper has a long piece of fabric that attaches on one side of the diaper and then attaches to the front, side and then the back of the diaper.  There is both aplix and snaps on the diaper.  I should also state that mine is an AIO and not a pocket, so I don't know if that changes how the diaper would fit and look.

The Fortress diaper does take some getting use to when it comes to putting the diaper on and taking it off.  I actually find putting it on easier because, by the time I am getting to the point of snapping the back, Sweet Pea is normally already up and trying to run off ;-).  I do have to put some thought into when I am going to change her since you do have to reach around the back to get the diaper off.  Since I first received the diaper, Sweet Pea has started to want to remove her diaper.  Especially the aplix diapers.  Snaps she will work on for a little while but normally grows bored with it because something "shiny" will catch her attention.

The Fortress diaper has done a great job of keeping messes contained and preventing Sweet Pea from removing her diaper.  There is some bulk, but again, I don't know how much of that is due to mine being an AIO versus a pocket diaper.  I would love to try the pocket diaper just to compare the two.  Maybe that will be my next fluffy purchase.

Overall, this is the perfect buy for those who have little ones who like to escape their diaper.  Sweet Pea isn't anywhere near as bad as some kiddos are.  She is in more of a curious stage then a "I want to make a mess" stage.  I have yet to hear of any kiddos escaping from the Fortress diaper and I haven't seen any bad reviews.  I really feel this is a sure bet for any parents who are to the point of considering duct taping their child's diaper closed (plus it is the perfect way to convert some disposable diaper parents to cloth!).

So, head on over to Bug on a Rug and pick your fabric for your very own Fortress diaper.

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