Friday, July 29, 2011

CVS and Target, 7/27 and 7/28

This week I ended up making two trips to CVS because I forgot something the first time.  During the first trip, I had to feed my husbands soda addiction ;-)  Yes, I could have gotten a better deal on soda at Target, but only if I was buying Sierra Mist, which is not my husbands soda of choice.  I also took advantage of the deal they had going on with the Finish dishwasher detergent.  I do make my own dishwasher detergent, but I like to have a back up in case I run out.  Plus, sometimes I need to run a store bought through, along with a dishwasher cleaner, to help clean things out.  I really scored on the Aussie product.  It was marked down to $1.24, plus the Herbal Essence products were 2/$4.97 and I had $4 in coupons for those.  The total amount of product is $44.91, I spent $15.19, a 66.2% savings.

Today I headed back to CVS to pick up contact solution that I forgot.  I also keep forgetting my green bag tag, so I picked that up.  The total amount of product was $17.98, I spent $9.98, a 44.5% savings.  Plus, I got 5 RR, so it is like I only spent $4.98 out of pocket.

I spent a little more at Target then expected.  I wanted to take advantage of their toy sales.  I was disappointed that some of the things others had mentioned weren't on clearance at my store.  I did get some good deals.  I decided to spend a little more on the granola bars than I normally would since we are traveling this weekend and they are an easy snack.  The total amount of product was $54.21, I spent $29.52 (before tax), for a savings of  45.5%.  The best scores were the jeans for $1.98 and the graphic tees were $2.  One of them is even the Marvel comic characters. 

I am really looking forward to some of the deals I have seen for Krogers and Aldi's next week.  Looks like I will be stocking up on cereal and strawberries!

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