Friday, July 1, 2011

Staples and Target, 6/30/11

I went ahead and took advantage of the Staples toilet paper deal. The shelf said the price was $7.99, but it rang up $4.99. Plus I had the 15% coupon so it was only $4.56 for 16 rolls.

I then headed to Target. We don't have a Super Target, but they do have a decent amount of food items. I got 5 Edy's ice creams ($2.99 ea - $1 cpn), 3 bags of frozen chicken breasts ($5.99 ea - $2.50 cpns), 2 bags Starburst ($2.50 ea - $2 cpns), 3 Ritz Crackerfuls ($2.40 ea - $3 cpns), a free box of Fig Newton thin cookies ($3 - $1 cpn - free for buying 3 Ritz Crackers), nail polish ($2.49 - $2 cpns), and Hefty one-zip bags ($2.04 - $1.15 cpns). I got $67.20 worth of product for $38.95, plus a $5 Gift Card, plus $6 in "Our apologies" gift cards.

I should explain the "Our apologies" gift cards. I had an issue a few weeks ago with a cashier who chose not to scan all my coupons but still deposited them all. She made this big fuss about having to deal with coupons. Now, I didn't realize not all of the coupons had made it on until I was looking over my receipt. By that time, I had two cranky kids and was done for the day. I called back, once I got home and everyone settled, and I spoke with a manager regarding my concerns. Well, I unfortunately got the same girl again. There were only two lanes open and they didn't open anymore until I had everything out of the cart. Same issue again. Plus, she wouldn't give me the discount for bringing my own bags because she said they weren't allowed to unless they were Target bags. Well, this time the kiddos were doing really well, so we headed over to Customer Service to speak with a manager. He was so apologetic, especially about the fact that I felt I needed to avoid a cashier. He gave me the $6 gift cards and would have taken the bag discount off, but it wasn't worth trying to get $0.15 added back to my card. Long story short, don't let a store employee guilt you when you are in the right. Like I told the manager, they don't loose money with coupons, they actually make money. He actually agreed and he felt the coupon programs were some of the best things they had.

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