Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shopping Trips, Week of 07/17

This week I went ahead and did a few small trips to the stores.  There was nothing that I found I absolutely had to stock up on, so I am mainly pantry and freezer cooking this week.  Now, I don't know if you guys want me to list the coupons used or not.  I am not going to this time, but let me know if you do want them listed.

Krogers,  07/17
 I am not as impressed with this shopping trip.  I ended up with $47.17 worth of product and paid $25.03, a 47% savings.  I was proud of myself for sticking to only items on sale and with coupons.  Unfortunately, it was a spur of the moment trip and we were all hot and tired by this point.  Hopefully I will do better next time.

CVS, 07/18
The CVS I visited didn't have everything I wanted. so the trip was kind of a bust.  I got $11.34 worth of product for $3.02, a 73.4% savings.  I have finally used up all my formula coupons, which is good because Wildman will soon be too old to attend the group I donate the formula to.

Target, 07/19
Again, since so many deals that I see posted are regional, I didn't get all the deals I had hoped for.  Plus, I don't have a SuperTarget that I shop at, just a regular old Target.  Today we got $58.94 worth of product for $26.54, a 51.7% savings.  I do wish I had used some of my Recyclebank points to get some better Kashi coupons, then I could have used a coupon on the free product, but overall, pretty happy.  Again, I stuck with only items I had coupons for and most of the items were on sale.

Papa Murphy's, 07/19
This is more as bragging for Sweet Pea and Wildman.  We had 3 coupons for free mini pizzas at Papa Murphy's.  One was from Wildman's Parent Educator for doing so well with reading.  The other two were from the summer reading program the library held this summer.  Both kiddos have finished all 6 levels of reading.  Sweet Pea listened to over 60 books since June 1 and Wildman listened to over 120 books since June 1.  Those numbers don't account for books that had to be re-read.  I am so lucky to have kiddos that love books.

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