Thursday, July 21, 2011

Something I heard today...

So, I was at a playgroup that they hold at the library today and a mother wanted help because she was trying the Ferber method with her 13 month old. She had tried it for 2 days and it was breaking her heart. She was following the chart and everything. I told her (and the "leader" of the group agreed) how I had slept with my two kids. My son (who will be 4 years old) moved to his own bed around 1 and he sleeps fine. I told her that they will find a sleep method that will work for them, that maybe this isn't the one. Two other moms then said that she should stick with it because they used the method with their kids when they were 4 months old because the would wake up when they laid them down in their cribs (one mom also closes and gates her sons door, but that is another discussion). I guess this mother and son have been traveling for the past month to take care of sick family members and have been sleeping together (I don't know if that is bedsharing or co-sleeping). The leader said that this may not be the time to try this. 
What do you guys think? I know there are many of you who don't like CIO (like me), but do you think there is a certain age where it does work and an age where it is just too stressful?  How did you decide what worked best for you?  Did any of you try CIO and then decide it didn't work, or has it worked for you?

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  1. Like you, I do not like cry it out, probably for the same reasons as you too! I think the only time cry it out is ok is when they are toddlers and throwing temper tantrums. I would be ok with letting my son calm down on his bed for a few minutes (then going in and having a calm conversation), but ONLY if it was a tantrum. I am physically nauseous that parents would try CIO when their babies are 4 months old.


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