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My Babies Have Blissful Booties, Do Yours? My Blissful Booty Review

Right to Left:  Large Cloth Diaper w/ booster pad in Buttercream, 4 wipes, Just Peachy Wipe Water Concentrate, Wipe Water Bottle, Wild Berry Lip Balm, Medium Cloth Diaper w/ booster pad in Celery

So, I recently had the honor to try out some of the products Blissful Booty has to offer in order to review them. I had previously purchased a Blissful Booty Cloth diaper from them for SweetPea after reading a review on Instinctual Mamas. The diaper I had gotten at the time was their Ultra Cloth Diaper in celery with pink snaps since, I must admit, I prefer snaps to hook and loop. For the review, I was sent an original Medium cloth diaper in celery for SweetPea, an original Large cloth diaper in buttercream for Wildman to try at night, 4 cloth wipes, the Wipe Water Concentrate Just Peachy scent and bottle, and Wild Berry lip balm.

These are photos of my diaper I purchased without any booster pads. As you can see, the fit is very trim.


Sweet Pea's Diaper

Side view of the medium diaper with two boosters.  Still very trim.
As mentioned above, I had purchased one of the Blissful Booty AIO Ultra diapers a few months ago.  I have loved that diaper, but never tried using it overnight.  I didn't get the booster pads with it and Sweet Pea and I already had a diaper routine that worked, so why mess with it.  The usual nighttime diaper consists of one of the inserts my grandmother has made wrapped in a prefold and covered with a cover.  I haven't had any leaks with this set up and she wears it all night.  I decided, for this review, that I should step out of my comfort zone.  I took the Blissful Booty Cloth Diaper and put two of the boosters in, then put it on her for the night.  Since Sweet Pea sleeps with me, I kept checking her throughout the night for any leaks (because we all know how much fun it is to wake up in a wet bed ;-).  I was super happy to wake up to a dry bed in the morning!  The other great thing is that Sweet Peas' skin wasn't as damp as it can sometimes be from our prefold method.  The Blissful Booty diaper and boosters did a great job of wicking the wetness away!  I think I have definitely found another go to method for my daytime and nighttime diapering needs!
Rear view of the Blissful Booty diaper with two boosters.

Wildman's Diaper

Front and side view with no booster pads.
Wildman has been fully daytime potty trained for almost 2 years now, he just uses diapers at night.  Up until March of this year, I had been using the disposable pull-ups.  I then decided to see if I could find a cloth trainer that he could use at night.  The Blissful Booty Cloth Diaper is the first "diaper" I have used on him.  Everything prior has been cloth trainers.  We had some issues to start with.  I don't know if I didn't prep the diaper correctly or what, but we had some leaks the first few nights we used this diaper.  After three different occasions of leaking, we finally had a few nights where he stayed dry.  We began to have a few leaks again, but this was more attributed to the need for more padding.  The boosters that the diapers come with are pretty small, especially for the larger diapers.  I wrote Cathy to find out if she made bigger boosters.  She stated that she had placed an order for larger and thicker boosters.  She had said that she had never needed those for her kids, but is seeing that there is a need.  At the time she had said it would be a few months for those to become available.  What I ended up doing is using one of the inserts that my grandmother has made and a bumGenius insert.  Those, along with the lining in the diaper have helped curb the leak issues we have had.  I do look forward to getting some of the thicker and bigger boosters so Wildman can have the same soft material on his little bum that Sweet Pea gets to enjoy ;-)

Side and front view with homemade and bumGenius inserts.

I have actually never used purchased cloth wipes.  My mom had made a bunch of wipes for me when I was pregnant and had decided to use cloth wipes and diapers.  It was definitely interesting trying something different.  The Blissful Booty Cloth Wipes are great and are a perfect size (so no fingers hanging over and getting dirty!).  They are 100% cotton and dual sided.  One side is super soft and perfect for wet diapers.  The other side has more texture and is great for the dirtier diapers.  Sweet Pea definitely loved them and, during a time when we had to use some diaper cream, I even used one as a liner in her diaper so she could still have something soft on her booty.

Wipe Water Concentrate

This is another product that I have actually never purchased, I have always just made my own wipe water.  The first thing I loved about this product was the smell.  The Blissful Booty WipeJust Peachy scent just puts you in a better mood and you don't mind that you are changing a diaper.  I also loved the squirt bottle.  For my own solution I have been using the peri bottle from the hospital, but it is not the best thing to travel with since it doesn't seal very tightly.  The spray bottle is wonderful.  I have to steal it back from Sweet Pea (she thinks it is her own personal chew toy).  It does feel like you are spraying a lot on a wipe, but this is because I have been use to just squirting it out.  It obviously isn't a lot because it takes 2+ weeks for me to go through one 4 oz bottle. 

The directions on the bottle state to add 1 tsp of concentrate per 12 oz bottle, then fill with water.  Now, this is where I have a slight complaint.  I was super excited to try this product, so I followed the directions on the bottle.  It wasn't until after I had made the solution that I looked at the size of the bottle that I was sent and realized that it was only 4 oz.  On-line the breakdown for the amount of concentrate for different size bottles is given.  I think that, especially for sleep deprived mommies (and daddies), it would be great if the directions on the bottle for mixing the concentrate were for that size bottle.  Again, it isn't a hard conversion for the amount for different bottles, I am just thinking that it would definitely make it easier knowing that the directions for the bottle you are using are the ones on the label.  Otherwise, this is a wonderful product.  It is definitely something that I may have to splurge on.  I can also say that I have had the concentrate for a little over 2 months now and have barely made a dent in the bottle, so it lasts A LONG TIME!  I have also heard of other mommies using it as a body spray and room freshener.  Just some ideas for you.

Lip Balm

I was really excited to have received a sample of the Wild Berry Lip Balm with the diapers.  The lip balm smells fantastic and it made my lips feel wonderful.  I use lip balm every night and I normally apply some type of lip product during the day.  I found that I preferred the Blissful Booty lip balm to any of my other lip products, including lipstick.  It just made me feel better.

Now, all of the previous products in this review have been reviewed before and have a description on the Blissful Booty webpage, so I haven't gone into great detail about the product, just about how it worked.  The lip balm, on the other hand, is not on the website, so I feel the need to give you some more info about it.  Cathy has stated that she will put up a listing soon and that it should retail for $3.  She also hinted that there will be another "flavor" available soon.  The lip balm has an SPF 15 and can be used on anyone 6 months and older.  The active ingredients (sunscreen) are Octinoxate (7.5% and Oxybenzone (3%).  The inactive ingredients, which make this a very natural product, are organic palm oil, beeswax, organic virgin olive oil, flavor, organic hemp seed oil, vitamin E, and rosemary extract.  I don't know what the price is for the lip balm, but I do know that Blissful Booty just rolled out a wonderful selection of new Blissful Booty Body Products and to read a great review on the products, just head over to Adventures in Mommyhood:  Mommy Outnumbered.

I feel very lucky that I got to try all of these wonderful Blissful Booty products.  The company is Mommy owned and family operated and is doing a wonderful job.  They have helped out many different moms in need through some of the various donation groups that are available.  They are also quick to respond to any questions you have about their products.  I definitely think that you will all love any Blissful Booty product that you would choose.  Everyone should have a Blissful Booty diaper in their cloth diaper arsenal.  Now I just need to wait until I can splurge on some of the body products!

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